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This database includes 1,647,702 Interstate, Intrastate Hazmat and Intrastate Non-Hazmat Motor Carriers. You can download the entire database or just the July 2019 update.
The master file is comma delimited .txt file, with one carrier per row. The update file is in Excel format.
Field names and descriptions are listed below:

DOT_NUMBER – Unique USDOT Number of the Motor Carrier
LEGAL_NAME – Legal name of a carrier
DBA_NAME – Carrier’s Doing-Business-As name
CARRIER_OPERATION – Codes identifying carriers’ type of Operation; A = Interstate, B = Intrastate Hazmat, C = Intrastate Non-Hazmat
HM_FLAG – Carrier is subject to placardable HM threshold ( Y = Yes, N = No)
PC_FLAG – Carrier is subject to passengercarrier Threshold (Y = Yes, N = No)

PHY_STREET – Physical street address of a carrier
PHY_CITY – Physical city of a carrier
PHY_STATE – Physical state of a carrier
PHY_ZIP – Physical zip code of a carrier
PHY_COUNTRY – Physical country of a carrier

MAILING_STREET – Mail street address of a carrier
MAILING_CITY – Mail city of a carrier
MAILING_STATE – Mail state of a carrier
MAILING_ZIP – Mail zip code of a carrier
MAILING_COUNTRY – Mail country of a carrier

TELEPHONE – Contact telephone number
FAX – Fax Number
EMAIL_ADDRESS – Contact email address

MCS150_DATE – Latest date MCS-150 was filed
MCS150_MILEAGE – Vehicle Mileage Traveled (VMT) reported on the carrier’s MCS-150 form
MCS150_MILEAGE_YEAR – Year for which VMT was reported
ADD_DATE – Date when carrier information was added to MCMIS Database System
OIC_STATE – FMCSA State office with oversight for this carrier
NBR_POWER_UNIT – Number of power units reported
DRIVER_TOTAL – Number of drivers reported

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