Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Trucking Planet?
A: Trucking Planet is a community of licensed motor carriers, licensed freight brokers and other trucking and freight-related industry professionals who wish to expand their base of contacts.

Q: How does it work?
A: Once you’ve joined Trucking Planet, you can then join any of our industry-specific groups. When you do, you can choose to receive email from those groups – instantly, daily or weekly. That gives you email notifications of new posts to the group. If your a carrier seeking freight of a particular category, joining that group and choosing to receive instant email notifications means you’ll receive an email or text the instant someone posts in that category.

Q: What is the cost? Do I have to sign a contract?
A: Trucking Planet has a variety of plans available. For an individual full-access account, subscriptions are only $25.00 per month. You can cancel at any time with no further obligation and no long-term contract. We also offer the Lifetime Full Access Account which includes up to 5 users for a one time fee of just $249.00.

Q: How do I communicate with other Trucking Planet members?
A: Once you’ve joined Trucking Planet, you can search the entire member directory or you can use filters to find the types of companies you are most interested in. You can request friendship with others and, once approved, you can post on any friend’s wall. You can also send private messages to your friends or a group message that is delivered to all of your friends at once.

Q: Is this just another loadboard?
A: No. Loadboards typically restrict viewing That means only paid subscribers, who are logged in, can see your posts. At Trucking Planet, we don’t restrict viewing of member posts which means any visitor to the site can see you have a shipment or empty truck available. This opens far more opportunities from thousands of daily visitors who are not yet Trucking Planet members. Because we are always free to view, many carriers and freight brokers who subscribe to other loadboards use Trucking Planet as their secondary loadboard.

Q: What can I post other than freight and empty trucks?
A: There are currently groups with trucking business opportunities, carrier tips, truck insurance deals, jobs available, jobs wanted, truck drivers, freight agents and more. If we don’t have an industry-related category that you want, we’ll create it.

Q: Can I post pictures?
A: Yes! You can post pictures of you, your staff, your location, your equipment or anything else that is industry related. You can also post your YouTube videos to promote your business to visitors and other members. Pictures, video and other content must be appropriate for work.

Q: Are there any other posting restrictions?
A: A few. You can read them in our Site Rules. We encourage you to read the rules before subscribing.

Q: What are Shipper Profiles?
Our Shipper Profiles contain over 49,000 shipping factories in 48 states that ship high volume. The Shipper Profiles give you company size, what they ship and sales volume, if they import and other important data. Shipper Profiles link directly to the shipper’s email and website so that all phone, fax, email and contact information is current.

Q: What is FreightBlaster™?
A: FreightBlaster is our exclusive instant email system that reaches over 20,000 industry contacts we’ve developed over the past 10 years. Each email blast is broken down into specific types of company (carrier, broker, agent, etc.) and by type of service offered. Emails are also broken down by type of service offered. When you use the FreightBlaster email system, you can instantly contact a very specific group to announce an empty truck, freight wanted and more.

Q: Can I advertise through FreightBlaster?
A: No. FreightBlaster is only for specific shipments and empty truck notifications