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Dispatching Services

Looking for a carrier to pick up a load going from Dallas, TX to Robert, LA with 2 stops.

Pick up August 2 at 4:00pm
Rate $2,500.00
Equipment type Refer
Backhaul loads available

Owner Operators Wanted

PMC Trucking Dispatch LLC is Now Accepting Owner Operators and Small Fleet Owners with Active Authority Owner operators with DRY VAN, FLATBED and Refers.

*Active Authority
*Proof of Insurance
*Copy of CDL
*Signed Carrier Packet

I can be contacted by phone or text at 832-229-6738

Forms can be submitted via our website:


A dedicated dispatching service
No hidden fees
24/7 Weekend Support if you are on a load.
You pick the areas you want to service!
Reasonable & best freight rates.
Free invoice submission to your factoring company.
Load booking and dispatching.
Locating your best possible load and rate matches.
Verify Broker Credit or Shipper.

Our Goal is to keep your truck moving, making sure you are getting the best rates and going where you want to go with your load preferences.

****Don't forget to ask about our new carrier and referral incentives****

Owner Operators Wanted

Are you an owner operator needing to keep your trucks moving? Or are you needing to make more money, because your pay is low?

Did you know there is a truck driver shortage? Right now Brokers are paying high rates for loads. But the only way you can get those loads, you gotta have the right connection. Being on just load boards do not always work. Many saw that on July 27, 2021 the DAT load board went down all day. Many people only use that load board and could not find any loads.

That is where E&N Transport comes to help. We have multiple connections with Brokers all over the country, but we don't have enough carriers to move the loads.

Connect with E&N Transport!!

We have loads for:

Dry Van
Power Only
Will be getting loads for Box Truck soon

We work for you!!! We will make sure you get paid your worth and meet your goals.

If you want to just focus on the road and not have to worry about the paperwork. Let us help!!! 

Owner Operators Wanted

Calling all Owner Operators, If you want to concentrate on the roads and keep your truck moving. Let EMX Logistics work for you.
Contact us: or Call: (203) 455-6415

Owner Operators Wanted

Debbies Dispatching is now taking on drivers - rate is long term required...try us today-it's free to try! (first load is free of charge- going anywhere)

Trucks and Trailers Wanted to Buy

Looking for at least a 2010 53 Dry Van Trailer... Tandem Sliding Axle, Air Ride...paying cash

Owner Operators Wanted

Don't tie yourself down to a handful of brokers allow your truck to work with the highest bidder $$$
Why not let us handle those annoying phone calls. We have a staff of dispatchers
hunting down the right loads for your truck or fleet. While you’ll just have a set of eyes looking for yourself , we have a squad dialing, shouting, negotiating rates
at a pace that is unmatched. By the time you hang up with one broker, 18 would have already been dialed on our end.

We are dispatchers that have special relationships with independent brokers, shippers, & motor carriers.
We handle all Types of equipment (Dry, Reefer, Flatbed, Conestoga).
Our service fee is between 7% - 9% depending on package needed.
We even offer packages to handle your setup packets s


* -Own a truck, but don't have trailer -- NO PROBLEM, we’ll get load out trailers or help you get a permanent trailer

Weekly Earning Potential:
* DRY VAN -- $7-9k
* DRY VAN w/ HAZMAT -- $10–12k
*FLATBED - $9k -11k
*CONESTOGA - 9k - 11k+

*We plan your company in the lanes you prefer. We use industry leading software to track the hotspots around the country and look to put you in the right place at the right time! Will keep you pre-planned (guaranteed to NEVER SIT), handle &
manage all paperwork needed for booking loads, correspondence with brokers, and 24-hour dispatch. Please Call ASAP
(305) 433-3596 ! Or go to:

Truck Drivers Wanted

We are looking for drivers who need money in their pockets. We have a
lot of loads of lumber no tarp paying over $2 per mile and more. If you
have an empty truck and need to have it moved give us a call or even
send us an email. Loads are available every week. Here are the lanes
we have. Again most are no, tarp just loads and go. Flatbeds & Vans.


Owner Operators Wanted

Let Me Help You Stay Loaded & On The Road

Owner Operators Wanted

PLFB freight dispatch is looking for Owner Operators for dedicated REEFER loads out of CA to GA $11,000 GUARANTEED on the rate! if you need dispatching service feel free to check us out at

Dispatching Services

Piper Dispatch Services LLC is looking to partner with O/Os and Small Carriers!


We only charge 5% per load that we book!
No commitment!
No forced dispatch!
Available 24/7!
We will provide the original, unedited Rate Confirmation!
We will negotiate the best rate possible for you!
Invoicing every Friday (Payment due Tuesday)
We work FOR YOU!
Willing to work with new authorities!

Phone: 708-852-3099

Owner Operators Wanted

freight dispatchers dedicated to your success we dispatch reefers, dry van, flatbeds, power only, LTL and TL. we have contacts with over 180 brokers new MC acceptable, top dollars for every load PLFB Freight Dispatch. we also dispatch
in Spanish

Owner Operators Wanted

Looking for owner-operators who really need help in finding loads.
If you are just getting started and need freight, call us and let us
help you. Tired of brokers taking your share of your profits, then
call us. We help you not you help us. Give us a call or text us at
the number below to discuss you taking home a nice paycheck
instead of a paystub.

Truck Drivers Wanted

We are looking for drivers who need plenty of freight to keep their trucks rolling. If that's you then we are looking for you to get connected with our company, so that your trucks can put money in your Bank instead of the truck. Give Us a Call or Text To this Number. (888-829-3486).

Dispatching Services

- Specialize in getting you high paying loads
- No contracts
- We can get you dedicated lanes
- We handle all paperwork so you can drive with confidence
- After hour services
- We can get help with gas cards and secure fast pay services

Misc. For Sale

Do you need funding for a truck or your trucking business
I represent an Alternative Lender that can arrange
loans for the trucking industry. If you own a trucking
company and are looking for working capital to expand
your business or you are an independent truck driver
looking to purchase your own truck, simply apply via
the portal link below and fill out a short submission form.
One of our company representatives will call you to
discuss and answer all your questions about obtaining
funding for your trucking company or truck purchase.
I do not charge any upfront fees for my services.
This offer is for the United States Only

Owner Operators Wanted

Just tell us your CMP rate and where you want to go!
Wanted Owner Operators with Dry Vans/ Flat beds and Reefers we offer Freight Dispatching services. Here is what you can expect from using our services.
• Top paying loads.
• No contracts.
• No force dispatches.
• Freight options for a day, a week a month or whatever duration works for you.
• No hidden or extra fees.
• Use our service only when needed.
• Only pay when you haul a load.
• Get a reliable truck dispatching partner.
• Get low fees and complete transparency.
Tagarino Logistics LLC offers full-service truck dispatch and load planning with a flat rate of 5% for each load.
Our flat fee includes:
• Complete and submit all paperwork for the load.
• Run credit reports on all brokers and shippers
• Manage all back-office support and administrative tasks for each load.
• Follow and track loads and miles.
• Invoicing, Quick pay & ACH setup
• Factoring services (additional service)
Contact Us: 1(254) 534-5466

Owner Operators Wanted

Owner Operators ( with your MC/DOT authority) that operate 53' Dry Van, 53' Reefer, 48'-53' Flatbed and Power Only, Spot On Dispatch LLC is here to assist you in finding decent paying, consistent freight. Give us a call today so you can do what you do best and Drive!

Dispatching Services

Good evening,

My name is Josh Piper and I am the owner of Piper Dispatch Services LLC. I am just reaching out to you to see if you were interested in a dispatching service. I have been a dispatcher for two years and have recently started my own venture into dispatching. I primarily dispatch for flatbed hotshots, box trucks, and Tractor-Trailers as of right now. I offer 24/7 availability within reason as I am a single-member company.

The services I offer are rate negotiations, all of the paperwork involving the booking of loads (load search, Broker-Carrier Packets, communication w/ brokers/shippers, ect).

The first load I book for you is 100% free per truck and then only 5% after that.

If you are interested and would like to know more you can either reply to this email or give me a call at 708-446-4061 which is my direct cell phone number.

Freight Agents Wanted

New owner operator looking for freight in florida. Short trips that i can do between other job. DOT 3521299 for more info.

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