How it Works

Trucking Planet is the premier website for motor carriers, freight brokers and shippers to move freight fast, get freight rates and promote their businesses to the shipping public. Our unique “open viewing to the world”, gets Trucking Planet Members in front of more decision makers than any other industry website.

The Load Board

As a Trucking Planet member, you have the ability to post freight and empty trucks to the Trucking Planet load board.

An unlimited number of unique visitors can view Trucking Planet’s load board – whether or not they are subscribers.

That gives you more exposure than traditional subscription-based boards, ensuring you a better and faster response.


The real power of Trucking Planet is the Groups functionality. With over 250 Trucking Planet generated groups and other groups created by our Members, Trucking Planet gives you the ability to reach precisely the types of professionals you need to reach. Members can create their own groups and invite anyone on their friends list. Groups can be public, seen by everyone, private, seen by invited members only or hidden for specific industry needs.

Post available loads or empty trucks to a selected Trucking Planet group and sit back while we do the foot work for you. Not only will your available load appear in the group activity and homepage, an email alert will be sent to members of that group.

Groups are organized by type of freight and location, so you can rest assured your post will reach the right people.

Trucking Planet also republishes your posts to our social media pages, including Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin – all automatically.

This allows you to reach potentially thousands of business contacts with just one post.

Use Trucking Planet groups to post available freight, empty trucks, request a freight rate and more. Posting is fast and simple, takes just a minute and reaches thousands of interested business contacts instantly.



As a Trucking Planet member, you have access to our exclusive directories. Search motor carrier directories, freight brokers and more. It’s a convenient way to build your professional network and connect with other professionals who need your services.

We also provide Trucking Planet members access to shipper databases. Explore thousands of companies that need your services by state and type and expand your business contacts quickly.

Get Started!

Become a Trucking Planet member today. Sign up today. It’s the most popular online resource for the freight industry and can help you grow your business fast!

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