Lifetime Membership Upgrade From Monthly Membership

A Lifetime Membership that Works for You

Trucking Planet’s Lifetime Membership package is the best and most cost-effective way for you to grow your freight or trucking business. Professionals from all over the United States and Canada depend on Trucking Planet to help them establish new business contacts and find available loads and empty trucks.

Our network reaches over 120,000 visitors each month directly to our site – giving your business exposure to freight industry decision makers. Plus, Trucking Planet helps you promote your business across social media, over 20,000 companies follow Trucking Planet on social media and see all new posts by our members.

Check out these features:

  • Full access to all databases online or by download (Shipper, Carrier, Freight Broker and more)
  • Advertising and promoting your freight services to over 120,000 freight decision makers each month
  • Full access to all groups and emailing feature to all group members
  • Send and receive email alerts for freight and empty trucks with our exclusive FreightBlaster feature
  • Email unlimited companies by direct private and public messaging
  • Up to 5 user accounts


Unlimited Lifetime Downloads. Currently:

    • 49,000 Shipping Factories with 100% Contact Names and Emails
    • 27,000 Distributors and Wholesalers with 100% Contact Names and Emails
    • 22,000 FMCSA Licensed Shippers of HazMat Materials and/or Controlled Substances with 90% Emails
    • 5,000 Importers and Exporters with 100% Contact Names and Emails
    • 80,713 Licensed Freight Brokers with Contact Names and Emails
    • 5,200 International Freight Forwarders
    • 5,000 Fresh and Processed Food Shippers
    • 2,000 Hospital Equipment Manufacturers
    • 2,900 Refrigerated Shippers and 70,000 Refrigerated Carriers
    • 1.8 Million Currently Licensed Motor Carriers with Fleet Sizes and 80% Emails
    • More downloads added weekly and you never pay more