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RGN/Lowbed/Landoll/Flatbed with winch, specialized New England-based carrier. 5 axles…Oversized/Overwidth loads welcome. Seeking customers who need and desire good quality service from the owners of the business themselves. Loads originating in and around New England (i.e; Vt., Ma., NH, Ct., RI., Me., NY, NJ and heading south and west to Pa.,Oh., Md. Va., etc. are always of interest, as are loads heading back northeast into New England in the same manner. Steady lanes or occasional moves always wanted. Specialized services include rigging,  LTL transport and non-running equipment that needs the expertise we have with over 35 years in the field to make things happen.

There’s NO substitute for EXPERIENCE.

We cater to small dealers, auctions, private sellers/buyers, homeowners, FARMERS, manufacturers, distributors, machinery and equipment traders…and much more.

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(802) 375-3061

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Tom Szirbik, Sr.

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In this ever-changing world of “logistics”…, one thing never changes. Providing GOOD service. That’s the core component to this complex business. Being in this industry for now over 35 years and expecting to be for another decade at least, I have developed the skills and a perspective that unfortunately I fail to see very much of in today’s trucking arena. With that said, it has enabled me to stand out among the masses so to speak, in offering the same old-fashioned, dependable service that this industry was founded with in the first place.

There’s NO substitute for experience. When you call Iron Mountain Iron & Equipment, LLC to inquire about a job you need done, there’s no doubt that it will be a pleasant experience and that it will get done start to finish, with ease and with no issues.We prefer to do business directly with shippers, equipment dealers, private buyers and sellers, auction business, farm and agricultural, anyone that needs something transported from point A to B without the added cost or involvement of transportation brokers and 3rd party middlemen.

You’ll find it much easier and more pleasant dealing with a veteran transport business owner in the long run, than a freshly-graduated “logistics expert” with exactly ZERO to no experience in this field. For anyone who is seeking a steady or occasional service provider grounded in this industry, with the know-how, the credentials, the equipment and most of all, the ATTITUDE to CARE about each and every customer relationship we build, please know we appreciate each and every phone call, email and text we receive.

Business to us is simple; it’s the unnecessary additional involvement of too many people that sometimes can create the stress and problems that most likely can be avoided by keeping things to a minimum in terms of who and how many people to deal with.We are straight-forward, no-nonsense hard working people here in Vermont that are willing to meet your expectations and exceed them as well. Again, no substitute for experience.

We’ve been at this a LONG time; and we have a clue as to what is expected. The same goes for us. We seek long term relationships with our own customers in the machinery and equipment sales and exporting trades who want the same thing we do; ease of operation, less administration, more outstanding service and happy people in the end.

Give Iron Mountain Iron & Equipment, LLC a call about letting us do what we do best…rest assured it’ll be a good idea you did.Call (802) 375-3061 or better yet…TEXT a message and I’ll return it immediately, or;Email at: ironmountainiron@gmail.com  day or night, weekends, doesn’t matter…it never ends for us. Thanks for reading this autobiography…

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