USDOT Hazardous Materials Carrier Database

DOT_NUMBER – Unique USDOT Number of the Motor Carrier
LEGAL_NAME – Legal name of a carrier
CARRIER_OPERATION – Codes identifying carriers’ type of Operation; A = Interstate, B = Intrastate Hazmat, C = Intrastate Non-Hazmat
HM_FLAG – Carrier is subject to placardable HM threshold ( Y = Yes, N = No)
PC_FLAG – Carrier is subject to passengercarrier Threshold (Y = Yes, N = No)

STREET – Physical street address of a carrier
CITY – Physical city of a carrier
STATE – Physical state of a carrier
ZIP – Physical zip code of a carrier
COUNTRY – Physical country of a carrier

TELEPHONE – Contact telephone number
FAX – Fax Number
EMAIL_ADDRESS – Contact email address

MCS150_DATE – Latest date MCS-150 was filed
NBR_POWER_UNIT – Number of power units reported
DRIVER_TOTAL – Number of drivers reported